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The Thirst Is real


Thirsty people Will Drink.

Thirst is not only relative to “the lack of water.” 

Thirst- A  feeling of needing or wanting to drink something.”they quenched their thirst with spring water” thirstiness, dryness; dehydration”I need a drink—I’m dying of thirst” lack of the liquid needed to sustain life.”tens of thousands died of thirst and starvation” literally a strong desire for something. Plural noun: thirsts “his thirst for knowledge was mainly academic”


craving, desire, longing, yearning, hunger, hankering, keenness, eagerness, lust, appetite; More Informal yen, itch “his thirst for knowledge”

    Thirst can show up in ANY area of your life. Wherever it shows up, it demands attention. Physcial thirst can be a sign that you are  dehydrated. Ignoring dehydration can have some detrimental consequences, including death. This is also true spiritually, emotionally, pyschologically and any other area of your life where dehydration shows up. There is a cure. Proverbs 27:7 says, “When your soul is full, you turn down even the sweetest honey.
But when your soul is starving,
every bitter thing becomes sweet” 

The second part of this scripture basically says, when you are thirsty or have a deficit, even the thing that is bad for you, you consider worthy of consumption. You will accept anything as good because you’re desperate. The reason I’m pointing out the second part first is because its that part that tends to get us in trouble. Jesus talked about the woman at the well “never thirsting again”, sound familiar? Look at the first part of Proverbs 27:7

When your soul is full, you turn down even the sweetest honey.
But when your soul is starving,
every bitter thing becomes sweet.”

 When you drink from the fountain that never runs dry, Jesus, You will never thirst again, you will be forever satisfied. I know you may be wondering well isn’t this website for dreamers? What does this have to do with my dreams? Glad you asked. Your purpose and or dreams are so specific and important to God that you walk them out just as He has designed you to. That means always being  in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing. This doesn’t mean that you won’t make mistakes along the way, you will, we’re all human, however, what it does mean is that you will be more intentional about where you are or what you’re doing, so that if you do take a wrong turn, it won’t take you long to adjust and get back on track. You will be cognizant of the fact that you’ve gotten off course and do what’s necessary to get back to where you should be. So be thirsty, but be thirsty for the things of God and let Him direct every step you take. God is an incredibly loving Father, the best there will ever be. His plans for you are to prosper you and give you a great future!

You haven’t dreamed unless you’re dreaming with God!